Spigot [API] HologramAPI 1.6.2

Simple API to create holograms | compatible with ProtocolSupport

  1. Does this have a maven repository? I need it
  2. Sure, I added the repository details to the description.
  3. Can this be used instead of the HolograficDisplays with other plugins or which specific plugins will work with this Api?
  4. Please fix your Javadocs and please allow for proper multi-line support.
    Currently it's hard to add multiple lines and placeholders for them.
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  5. No, holographic displays is its own API. I also don't really know which plugins use this API, so you will probably have to search yourself if you are looking for specific plugins.
  6. You will have to be a bit more specific about your multi-line problems.
  7. I can't add multiple lines before spawning a hologram and after spawning one I can't add one because it says 'hologram not spawned'.
    When having multiple lines, is the string in the viewhandler the lines together ?
    I also get errors when spawning holograms onEnable when players are online: 'packet or player cannot be null'
  8. The latest update fixed the packet issue.
    Spawning multi-line holograms should also work fine now, but you should make sure that players are online when spawning them.
    The spawn method now also returns a boolean, so you can check if it has been spawned successfully.
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  9. How about the placeholders ? Is the second line also in the viewhandler ?
    And why is it required to have an online player ?
  10. No, each line is a individual hologram, so you need a view handler for every line.
    The spawn method currently returns false if no players are online to receive the hologram packets. I will probably change that in the next version.
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  11. How often the maven repository updates? I want to have the lastest version and I cant find it in the repo
  12. @jaime29010
    Please use the discussion to report problems.
    I fixed the javadoc link, thanks for telling me.
    What exactly should the clear method do?
  13. Okay, The clear method could clear all the holograms, also a editHologram would be nice.
  14. @inventivetalent
    Nice update man !! Thank you.
    In which part of my code i need to put this code to create permanents holograms?
    Code (Text):
                World world = Bukkit.getServer().getWorld("world");
                Location loc = new Location(world, 0, 100, 0, (float) 0.0, (float) 0.0);
                Hologram hologram = HologramAPI.createHologram(loc, "I'm a hologram. Hey %%player%%!");
    Because, when i restart my server, the holograms dissapear.