[API] MCUUID - A speedy REST API written in Go for everything Minecraft.

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Is my project any good?

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  1. [​IMG]

    A speedy REST API written in Go for everything Minecraft.
    • Get UUID from Username
    • Get users full profile from UUID
    • Get users username from UUID
    • Get users past usernames
    • Get users skin (png)
    • Get users 2D face (png)
    • Get users 3D head (png)
    • Get users 3D body (png)

    • Get all server info from fqdn and port
    • Check if a server is blacklisted
    • Get servers ping (to our API server)
    • Get servers version
    • Get servers protocol version
    • Get servers software
    • Get servers online/max player count (+ sample of online players)
    • Get servers MOTD
    • Get servers favicon (png)

    • Decoded Mojang blacklist
    • Raw Mojang blacklist

    You can find more information about API endpoints and how to use our API on the website.
    If you need any help or just want to hang then consider joining our discord server.
    If MCUUID has helped you then please consider donating to help get the free service running.

    Website - https://mcuuid.com
    Twitter - https://twitter.com/mcuuid
    GitHub - https://github.com/AresEntertainmentLtd/MCUUID

    Please leave feedback letting me know what you like and what you think needs to be changed/added. If you find any issues (with existing site content) please report them on the GitHub issues page not here.

    PS: I will be creating examples in some different languages soon to show people how it works. I will also be creating libs that will handle client side caching. Might also make a plugin for spigot that developers can use as an API and will add some useful commands such as /pastnames <user>, etc, etc.
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  2. Not saying this project is bad, but you can do most of the stuff with Mojang's REST API.

    What I would say are good features:
    1. 2D Head
    2. 3D Head
    3. Server ping
    4. Server protocol version
    5. Server software
    You can already send a ping to any server and decode the server icon image
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  3. I know, it pulls its data from Mojang's REST API but Mojang enforces a pretty strict rate limit whereas MCUUID caches the data that it pulls from Mojang allowing it to provide a much better rate limit that solves the problem of people using Mojang's API and hitting the rate limit quickly.

    None the less I appreciate the feedback and I do plan to add more features in the future that will make MCUUID more useful.

    I know, but some people find it easier to handle the JSON data that MCUUID returns rather than making the ping request themselves.
  4. Yeah, Mojang has some strict limits :(
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  5. I must say. I stumbled upon this API because i was desperately searching around after somehow reaching Mojang's rate limit for one of my *currently in development* websites (which means that there wasn't much traffic to begin with).

    And it's actually both slightly faster and easier to use than the Mojang API. :D

    But please don't make random changes to the JSON structure. My website broke a few hours ago after a change to the UUID API. It was just pure luck that it was not yet public.
  6. Thanks for the kind works. :)
    Sorry for that, It was only showing the stripped UUID not both. It won't happen again and the way UUIDs are returned will always be the same. E.g.
    Code (Text):
    "uuid": {
        "formatted": "7944c9ef-a57b-4e4f-b4b3-531d92f579da",
        "stripped": "7944c9efa57b4e4fb4b3531d92f579da"
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