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  1. Hello. I'm a bit confused about what API's are. I know that you can configure your build path to put a plugin with an API into your plugin. I'm not sure if there is more that an API can do, or if what I'm doing could be done a different way? Hope you guys understand what I'm asking. :)
  2. An API is an application program interface.

    In simple, code connects to code, so that code can manipulate what happens in the API.
    Lets take Facebook for example (Everybody knows Facebook).
    On some websites, you can log into their website through Facebook, this is because Facebook and that website will communicate through an API. Minecraft plugins do the same, one plugin can modify what happens in another.
    If you can develop plugins they are useful, otherwise, don't install them unless a plugin requests them, or they have stand alone features.

    Is that a good enough response?
  3. Yes, I understand what you mean now, so if I installed an API into my plugin, I need that plugin in my server to run my plugin, correct?
  4. Yes
  5. If you developed a jar with a single class called MathFunctions (program a), and you added that jar to a build path of another plugin (program b) -- then program b will be able to access the methods within program a.
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  6. Ok.