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Discussion in 'Technology' started by thedior, May 3, 2017.

  1. I recently purchased the Apple AirPods, and many people will probably think that it is a useless waste of money, some might even offer other suggestions to wireless/bluetooth earbuds, and maybe even a few Apple haters.

    But I would like to say that these things are SICK. I don't believe this technology of having two separate ear pieces has ever been a think where no cords are involved, and if so it hasn't been widely published anyway. This is a new experience and honestly magical. The constant issues with having a cord at all is no where to be found. Multitasking is perfect, listening to music is great and the connectivity with iPhone's is simply futuristic. They are comfortable, and in my opinion very fashion oriented as well. No tedious cords hanging around. They are a great buy, yes they are $159 and may be viewed as expensive to some but VERY worth the money. Purchasing from AT&T Online is probably the way to go as mine shipped out the same day, instead of buying from Apple with a *6 WEEK BACKORDER*!

    Buy these, you won't be disappointed.
  2. they are a good product but look retarded.. must be opposite day for apple.
  3. That man certainly doesn't make them look attractive. But on a normal person, it looks much better.
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  4. Apple earpods are overpriced. And you'll lose them more easily due to no connecting cable :D
  5. Obviously you don't have a pair. They're not overpriced. They are almost magical.
  6. Does it look like i have one :p it's your opinion against mine tbh.
  7. I bought JBL T450BT (bluetooth) and they sound great! Not the most confortable to use but in my country they sell for just 50 euros, so it's a great deal :D
  8. Half the price of all apple products are just due to the fact that it's an apple product. Apple is overpriced IMO.
  9. Believe it or not, they're not that over priced! Compare it to some of the other 'premium' wireless earphones and you can find they are in some cases cheaper never mind the same price.