AppleTV... not the topset box

Discussion in 'Technology' started by nfell2009, May 19, 2015.


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  1. CeX recently uploaded this image to Facebook:

    So it appears Apple is trying to break into the TV market. Which already has huge companies involved such as Sony and Panasonic. They're advert says "Ahead of the curve", yet Sony and Samsung for sure have released curved TV's before.


    Is this just another attempt by Apple to act like they're being new and creative, yet rip off people and under deliver on their goods? What are your thoughts?
  2. My bad, turns out they've scrapped the plans :oops: But still opinions? :p
  3. It would be expensive as hell. A curved tv is around £1000, and then because of apple it will be like x10 that.
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  4. Apple's screens are full glossy displays which makes me love them. A glossy tv would be sick :D

    (obviously not in sunny conditions, but in my mancave sure! :p)
  5. looks a bit too much like the 27" iMac actually xD