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Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by Kyllian, Apr 28, 2017.

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  1. Hey,

    Lately I've seen alot of the same, bad descriptioned, bad coded, or stolen plugins. We need to do something about this.

    Why? Simple, the site will become full of spam, wich makes people not wanting to come back. Those unneeded resources should be somehow filtered out. If needed I'm surely wanting to do that, because I'm active quite much.

    Goal: Remove all the unneeded, stolen, bad codes resources and add a approvement on ALL resources, to give developers that are putting time in their plugins a better chance. And with this method we are able to get more unique plugins.

    Let me know what you think :)
  2. Vouch! I totally agree!
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  3. It's a lot easier for you to simply ignore crappy plugins than it would be for spigot staff to manually approve all resources.
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  4. That's why I offered myself as someone that accepts/denies resources, I'd be more then happy to do that.
  5. How about the beginners... Someone like me that write decent plugins
  6. Honestly, it's not a bad idea. I've also seen many plugins that are badly coded, stolen plugins...
    However, the ones in charge of reviewing each one of the resources would have a lot of work, so I don't think they are going to spend so much time reviewing each and every one of the resources that are uploaded, specially when there's like 40-70 resources uploaded each day.
    Therefore I think it's better to keep the current system where we can report the plugins that are in violation of the rules, and then they are reviewed by the resource managers.
  7. Dozens of plugins are submitted every day: how are resource staff supposed to moderate all that?
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  8. Well, beginners surely have a chance, But why another chat clear plugin, like someone is ever going to use 102838 chat clear plugins. Recently I've seen so many of them.

    And IF they want to practice their skills, there are other ways, Like a nice forum, they can just ask: 'Hey what can I approve on this code.'
  9. If a plugin is stolen, report it and it will be removed.

    I think that the resources section isn't just for server owners to look for incredible plugins, but also for developers to become better at programming. Yes, that includes bad plugins as well, but instead of just denying these resources we could instead tell the author how to improve his plugin. That way everyone's resources will become better and we will have better plugins as well.

    Also what would be accepted and what not? I've seen a lot of plugins which have code that contains mistakes, but certainly have the potential to become great plugins. If we would deny those plugins we would miss out on that plugin.

    I also think getting a resource denied which you worked really hard on, is extremely demotivating. And getting a simple plugin, like /heal and /feed, to work may be really hard for a beginner.
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  10. I think staff team could see potential too, They don't need to deny EVERY mistake. They could even PM the author to say there is like a memory leak or something.

    And still I'm pretty sure we don't need 1092 feed/heal plugins. I know it takes time but that still doesnt mean we need to ruin the site with those useless stuff
  11. JustBru00


    Personally I can see where you are coming from, but when I uploaded my first plugin to spigot, I was a really bad developer. It probably wouldn't have passed any approval process. That would have really turned me off to trying to create better plugins. That plugin now has over 14,000 downloads and it never would have gotten there if an approval process was in place.
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  12. Each person on this planet have different tastes. It's nice to have a great selection and then see what plugin is better for you. The plugin you like the most doesn't necessarily mean that others have to like it too
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  13. There's a reason plugins are put on approval. People could upload backdoored plugins. People could upload stolen plugins, etc etc. Someone will have to check them to make sure that doesn't happen. SpigotMC has a limited manpower. What you want is a wonderfull idea but it's not realistic.
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  14. Disagree.. Let me explain why.
    Spigot is ran by volunteers. They don't get paid (AFAIK). They already have a hard time doing premium resources, moderating etc. If they also have to check free resources its going to be a pain in the *** to maintain. People will get mad because it takes long to get it approved etc. And you can't just hire people that easy. And don't forget, we all have a life to maintain ;)
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  15. People would make threads with: "Why is my resource not approved yet?", "How long will it take" and so freaking on
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  16. And some are spamming people of where is my money huh :p

    Ontopic; Yea, its already hard for them now (AFAIK). Why make it even more harder? Report the resource and let staff handle it..
  17. Alright, I kinda understand why this plan isn't really going to work.

    1. Manpower
    2. Something can be useless for me, but not for someone else.

    But I still think it's possible with some small modifications
  18. Hmm, what does that mean?
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