Approximate world size?

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  1. Heya,

    What is the approximately world size of a world with a square border of 20.000 blocks? When fullrendered :p
  2. 4.2MB (possibly more if the region is extremely heavily built in) per mca file (32x32=1024 chunks, 512x512 blocks)
    Keep in mathematically clean (nerds love powers of 2, so do computers) and use 16384x16384, or 32x32 region files, which would be about 4.5GB, 5GB to be safe.
    Dont forget plugin data files, player data, entity data ect - this is just blocks and usual chunk overhead for vanilla wilderness chunks.
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  3. I love you for saying this

    You seem smart... Do you know the formula for calculating world sizes?
  4. size of full mca file * number of mca files.

    An mca file is 1024 chunks, 4KB plus another 4KB per chunk, some chunks (usually only a few percent) using 8KB if they have a ton of different blocks or entities in them (less compressible).