Bungee - Spigot ArcherTag - HCF Style 1.2.2

Amazing ArcherTag for HCF , highly recommend.

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    ArcherTag - HCF Style - Amazing ArcherTag for HCF , highly recommend.

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  2. xxtreepuncherxx


    Can you explain what this plugin does exactly? The description is a bit vague. I assume it deals greater damage the further the archer is from the victim?
  3. Yes this plugin is exactly meant for HCF- Hardcore Factions servers. In case you don't know how HCF Servers works its pretty easy :
    • Potion PvP
    • Survival
    • Classes(Bard,Diamond,Archer,Rouge)
    Because Classes was premium plugin for only few servers and noone else had it , someone leaked the plugin -,-
    And because that plugin didn't had extra damage for Archer because archer class contains leather armor and of course if you pvp with low armor you are probably dead in 5 seconds except for those who know how to play it.
    So the archer is really good class if you know how to play it :) And yeah I hope you understand now why is this used.

    For Archer class(Leather armor) which give extra damage to victim.
  4. Guys if you want some messages changed like other colors , feel free to say I will do that for you ^^
  5. Can you add all messages customizable?
  6. You mean to add config?
  7. Yep. Or a message.yml
  8. Will add this onto "ToDo list" Will more than 10 plugins request which has bigger priority than free ones :p
  9. lang file please?
  10. I'm not updating this plugin anymore , if you need special messages tell me and I'ill make it for you.