Archon Crates buy sign not working

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Warren2497, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. So i installed archon crates and got it mostly set up. However when trying to create a sign it doesn not work. It just acts like a normal sign.

    Sign should go like this:
    - acbuy
    - 1 (how many keys)
    - 100 (price)
    - (key name)

    But it just acts like a normal sign.

    HOWEVER: i did almost find a way around this that i also need help with if they for some reason got rid of the sign feature in archoncrates.

    I installed CommandSigns and made a custom sign that would cost a certain amount then give the player a key. Running the command:

    /archoncrates key <playername> 1 common physical

    My problem is the <playername> part. I can put a actual username there and it will work but i cant target just the player who clicked the sign. Not sure if commandsigns supports it and i cannot find documentation on it.

    I do have vault and use essentials economy.

    thank you for any help.

    If im kind of just screwed on this is there another crates plugin that allows players to buy keys from a sign. or even a command. I wouldnt mind players being able to open the gui to buy a key but i cant find a price in the config.

  2. CommandSigns should provide you with a player placeholder. Use that placeholder instead of a specific username.


    /archoncrates key [placeholder CommandSigns provides] 1 common physical
  3. I did find documentation on this for command signs. i cant remember exactly what it was i think it was {player} but that didnt work whatever it was. the command would run but archon crates would give me an error. So i think i need whatever the placeholder is for archon crates. But i cant find one.
  4. CommandSigns doesn't support player placeholders. I left you a PM ;)

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