Are level locked classes allowed under the EULAs?

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I've been away from the community for a few years or so and I'm just trying to look at what's possible with the EULAs. Are level locked classes (implying a XP system where a certain amount of XP is needed for levels) allowed, assuming XP cannot be brought directly
    and only earned from playing?

    Thanks :)
  2. if you arent selling things for money you can basically do whatever the hell you want
  3. What about selling things that give you a chance of XP?
  4. As soon as you can buy (directly or indirectly) anything that gives you any kind of advantage over other players, it becomes unacceptable p2w. Basically the only thing mojang allows are cosmetics or stuff like a chat channel or cosmetic rank.
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  5. So for example, you could allow certain classes if anyone in the game was a certain level, giving everyone access and therefore a fair playing field right?

    And if the game mode is against AI, level locked classes would be alright as it's not really affecting others?

    EDIT: Reread that, I think I understand, thanks :)
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