Are PebbleHost VPSs good?

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  1. Hi! Does anyone have any comments about PebbleHost's VPS services?

    No longer looking at this host at all. Feel free to discuss about them if other owners are curious.

    Here’s a great response from markelf
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  2. Bump, I'd like to know too :)
  3. I accidentally clicked, sorry!
  4. I tried it before but not the vps service, the minecraft hosting service, and it works totally fine.
  5. Thanks for the info!

    all good mate I was just confused :LOL:
  6. Pebble is known to be a good host. However any host nowadays that isn't dedicating dedicated hardware to each server is not going to give you the performance you might need. As always it depends on your config you get. Getting a cheaper dedicated server from OVH or another provider might be a better route to go.
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  7. What does that even mean?
  8. Thanks for the reply. I haven't got a server set up yet, and when I plan to pay for hosting, it won't have a community or income to pay for a dedicated server.
    I'll check out OVH's prices, thanks for the recommendation.
    He meant something like 'dedicated servers, instead of sharing hardware with other clients, set a specific amount of hardware all for yourself.'
  9. Maybe its because I used it a while ago but their support team was really lagging it when my server went down for a bit over a day.
    Haven't been back with them in years
  10. Thanks for the reply

    I'll take a look at dedicated server pricing and decide if a cheap and likely nasty VPS is actually a solution or not
  11. I recomend BuyVM for VPS.
  12. Thanks for the recommendations guys, I'll take a look now.

    OVH beats BuyVM with specs and price for the money.
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  13. So, I've created a new thread here which better suits my intentions for hosting. I'll leave this thread open in case anyone else wants to know if PebbleHost VPSs are good and their alternatives.
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  14. PebbleHost overall is a pretty decent host, good for the price, but if you're looking for a VPS/dedicated server, try SoYouStart or OVH. I wouldn't buy from Pebble simply because it isn't their main focus. I've also heard that, despite a low price and good hardware, that their support isn't very good.
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  15. Thanks for the reply, I’ve heard ovh uses cpus that perform poorer for servers than others. Haven’t checked out so you start yet.
  16. SoYouStart is owned by OVH and uses their old servers. So if you dont want to go with OVH at all, do not go with SoYouStart either
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  17. It's not necessarily OVH that I have a problem with, it's the hardware for the price, and SoYouStart provides pretty good hardware for a fraction of the price. I've used both, in the end, SoYouStart looks a lot better.

    Some of OVH's stuff is really overpriced, but it's the biggest name in servers.
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  18. I mean, you pay for the quality that they provide. Their support is one of the best and fastest out there in the wild. Also, their anti-ddos is on point and so are their hardwares / performance.
  19. By the way guys, if you have opinions on OVH or other hosts, I'd prefer them be posted in this thread :)
    I'm no longer interested in PebbleHost or VPS services at all, but I won't lock the thread in case anyone else has comments about them.
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  20. I agree with you on their support, however I have to completely disagree with you on ddos protection. I've heard a lot about it, and from what I've heard it's simply not good enough to handle an attack. Their hardware, while being quality, is also very expensive, and I understand that, it makes sense.
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