Are there any FREE enchant token plugins for 1.8?

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  1. Are there any 1.8 enchant token plugins working for 1.8 right now? Don't just tell me a plugin that's paid, or one that's free but doesn't even work 1.8 please. I will eventually buy a paid one (most of my plugins atm are paid) but for now I just want a free one! :)
  2. If you are a normal server owner:
    If you have no money, don't run a server.

    If you are a small/friend server owner:
    Just do not use premium resource on you little server.

    If you are a developer who want to learn from that plugin:
    Tutorial needs to be paid.
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  3. TokenEnchant of @vk2gpz works fine with 1.8 for what i heard about it
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  4. I have the money, but I can spend none on one and use it for other things, is that a problem with you? Please don't comment on my post with something that isn't to do with it!
  5. That costs 12$, I said in the title FREE but thanks anyway :)
  6. People are just begging for things. Developers have no responsibility to make their things free here in Spigot.

    Edit: I actually didn't meant this. I really meant that Spigot is spoiling the "everything free for grabs and free to learn" from Bukkit.

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  7. i have to agree because some people are thinking that coding is easy but its hard to learn an program language like java and also plugins like Featherboard of MaximVDW costed him almost 4 days of work to begin and maintaining is also an pain in the ass!
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  8. Then we get the jerks who get free ones from leaked sites, therefore spoiling the work taken by the Developer.
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  9. yep
  10. Take this example:
    Plugin TabListDeluxe is a plugin that makes slots in TabList shows as many characters as you want:

    This plugin costs me ~4 hours of figuring out the mechanisms and ~ 2 hours in coding. Shall I make it paid? No, because I want to make resources free, free from others to take it and learn from it.

    Something I have to mention:
    MinePlex & maybe some other Minigame Networks figured that out pretty quick, reports showed that they finished this implementation like in a month after 1.8 update. I never thought this was possible before I accidentally saw their TabList screenshot. After that, I tried to figure this out. Before my attempt, nobody else released that method on the internet. Question: should we be aware of the situation when (sometimes) nobody share their findings?
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  11. 4 days is nothing, and there is an open source clone here.
  12. I think many misunderstand OpenSource and Free(to use)Software. OS license like GPL demand to make your source open, but allow you to charge whatever you want (mainly to reflect your $/time).
  13. Make it yourself, token plugins are easy to code.
  14. Is that you pay for a minecraft plug-in is a stupid.
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  15. It's called supporting a developer.
  16. So could someone link an enchantment token plugin? Or is this thread now a disscussion of paying for plugins and slagging Spigot off?
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  17. TokenEnchant
  18. Thanks
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