Are there drawbacks to using custom resource packs?

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  1. I'm pretty sure I've been on servers with custom textures and it's been fine, but I still gotta ask. I got a plugin that uses a 13KB resource pack. Will this be a turn off to players in any way? Like, will there be noticeable extra load times or client prompts? Or is it a transparent process?
  2. yes there are extra load times it will show the mojang load screen the same as when you apply a texture pack but that is all. this happens on login
  3. If you're asking if your players will like it then maybe ask them :p
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    And be aware. The only way to reset the texture pack by code is to apply An empty .zip file. This could also Mess with your players their current resource pack.

    I highly recommend you to include a feature where they can enable and disable the resource pack setting