Are there enough people that still want a kingdom server?

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  1. Beste nederlanders,

    Ik heb laatst gewerkt aan een kingdom server en ben er toen mee gestopt omdat ik dacht dat niemand er zin in had. Het was een goede server, met kingdom plugins, een custom map, vote etc. Ik vroeg me af of er nog veel interesse is in een 1.8 kingdom server?
  2. Eigenlijk niet echt meer dat ik weet.
  3. Oke jammer!
  4. Strahan


    Dammit, why post the title in English if you're gonna post the message in gobbledegook? lol A friend tried to launch a Kingdoms based server but it seems to have flopped, it's basically dead in the water. Made me curious to see what would be said here, wondering if maybe Kingdoms just isn't a worthwhile thing for her to invest in.
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  5. GaIaxy


    Kingdoms is touchy it seems. I played a really good server a while back. I enjoyed it due to it not being Factions.

    However, they are rough to make and keep up. They can be expensive as well due to development reasons. I'm waiting for something to jump out at me and make me want to play Minecraft again. Until that day, I'll just rate servers.

    On-topic: If you can make it interesting and fun, then try it. It may or may not flop.
  6. It was ment for dutch people because they play a different more roleplay kind of kingdoms. But thanks alot for your feedback, i was thinking about making this kind of server international so that all people can enjoy it.
  7. There was this server called Civi-Craft. Amazing server, pretty simple and very community friendly, however they lacked customizability and some things were just weird.
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