Are You Rate Limited? Skins, Skulls etc no longer displaying.

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Chalkie, Jun 17, 2017.

  1. That's very odd then.
  2. o-o Anywhere I can go to show people my debug console log and receive some assistance?
  3. Welcome Dinnerbone to Spigot :D
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  4. Thanks Boss, I'll try tomorrow.
  5. Within two hours of SeƱor DinnerBone posting yesterdays I profile lookups (skulls/citizens) working again.
    However this wasn't on a public server, so the API calls would have be well within the limits.
  6. @Dinnerbone so if we turn off our server for 24 we gonna be able to access the api again? You can't just unblock those IPs?

    I bought a new IP range from OVH does anyone knows how i make spigot using it? Already have made a interface called eth0:0 but i dont know how to force spigot to use it
  7. You dont need to do anythings, if u still have problem then it's somethings else
  8. It's still being ratelimited.. Anyone else have this issue?
  9. I still have the issue
  10. I contacting my server asked to be moved to a different IP and they agreed, apparently my IP ended up being blocked. (my server with total unique players of: 10)

    Contact your host if you're still having the problem, it should have subsided by now.
  11. Wow. Mojang are savages
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  12. Yep, I'm still getting ratelimited. Hosting with Contabo, I'll email them.
  13. Some hosts use different ports of the same IP, if you're part of the same node as another popular server, both would be effected, if so; you know what Mojang has done, blacklisted that particular IP that you're port is apart of, Contact your server host to have your server moved to a different IP.
  14. Dinnerbone - you are amazing! slow down updates tho - too much for people to keep track of!
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