Spigot AreaShop 2.6.0

A plugin that gives players the option to rent or buy regions from WorldGuard

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    AreaShop - A plugin that gives players the option to rent or buy regions from WorldGuard

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  2. Super plugin I use it for one month to replace simple Region Market. Area Shop works well without any bug rollback of the regions is very convenient.

    Plz add a command to teleport to an available area easy for new player like srm doe whit /srm gs
  3. Thanks for the good feedback :)
    What exactly do you mean? Buying and teleporting is possible, but what do you mean with 'most ready ground'?
    You can already use '/as find <rent,buy> [maxprice] [group]' to find and teleport to a free region. You can specify if you want to have a buy or rent region and optionally specify the maximum price (otherwise your balance will be used). And optionally you can specify the group to search in (normally not usefull for users, could work nicely for command signs etc).
  4. Sry for my bad english lol I cant test right now im at my work but if i do the command /as find buy Normally i should be tp to the zone ? If its the case i would be happy :) Ty againt for the quick reply !
  5. Yes AreaShop will search for a region below the maximum price, teleport the player to the sign of this region and send him a message in chat that it found a region specifying which one. Because they are teleported to the sign they can buy it directly by rightclicking it if they want to.
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  6. Ok good ty vm i will configure my command sign whit this command new players will be able to find new region easy !
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  7. Happy to see this plugin on spigot it is one of the best region market plugins out there keep up the good work
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  8. using it over half year ! amazing plugin !
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  9. NLThijs48 updated AreaShop with a new update entry:

    AreaShop 2.1.4

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  10. Hi
    Ty for the (/as find ) update !!!!
    I would like to sell Region to VIP can i make a group of region and add permission node to my vip to buy special plot in a group ?
  11. I had to update anyway and it was easy to add :)

    If you want a group of regions only be available to certain players then you can use the 'limitGroups' section in config.yml to do that. An example of how to use this section can be found here. What you basically want to do is creating 2 groups that have the 'groups:' section with the group you added the VIP regions to, one of these groups has limits of all zero (assign this one to normal players with permissions 'areashop.limits.<limitgroupname>') and one has the limits you want VIP's to have (assign that group to VIP's with the permission for that). Then normal players will have a limit of zero for those regions and VIP's will have something higher than zero, so then it will work as you want.

    AreaShop indicates that Vault is not present or loaded correctly, but because I see Vault correctly starting in your logfile the problem is slightly different: You don't have an economy plugin that supports Vault, an economy plugin is necessary to actually save the economy data (player balances). Check the Vault page for supported Economies (for example EssentialsEco works).
  12. oops. im so sry. it works. ty vm! :D
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  13. Is there currently a way to remove the message when you walk into the region?
  14. Yes, you can change all the flags that AreaShop sets for all states the region can be in (forsale, sold, forrent, rented, etc). For disabling the greetings check this FAQ item: How to disable the greeting messages.
  15. Could you add chest protection to the config? So if enabled it would add the following flag to every Areashop Region:
    /rg f <Region> chest-access -g nonmembers deny.
  16. You can already set all region flags on a region with the AreaShop config, check the flagProfiles section in config.yml. If you want chest-acces for only the player that bought/rented the region you can add the following line to the 'rented' and 'sold' state:
    Code (Text):
    chest-access: 'deny g:non_members'
    That would set the flags exactly like the command you mention.
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  17. Is it possible to reduce the rental time of a region? I've had players accidentally extend their rental time for a region and I'm unable to find a way to reduce it while giving them their money back other than unrenting it and re-renting it. I realize I could mess around with the unixtime value in the yml file for that region but it would be nice if there were a cleaner way.
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  18. Currently there is not really a way to decrease rental time the way you want, unrenting and then renting again is indeed the only normal option. You could indeed change the 'rentedUntil' value that you find in the region file to something lower and give back the money to the player, but that is not really easy.

    I don't really think a command to unrent for 1 period or something like that would solve the problem, maybe it is better to simply prevent renting to far ahead. You could prevent them from renting too far ahead with the 'maxRentTime' setting in the default.yml file or introduce a confirm thingy when they try to rent/extend a region.
  19. @NLThijs48 My shop prices are for a month so even one month accidental extension of rental time is a fair amount of money lost. A confirmation would probably be best, is it possible with the current version?