Bukkit AreaShop 2.4.0

A plugin that gives players the option to rent or buy regions from WorldGuard

  1. @Kavinsky_EP I have done all of things already, and the problem persists.
    remove-shop-on-error is already set to true (and tried it set to false)
    AreaShop integration was already set to true.
    The region is created properly in WorldGuard.
    The Spawn region is already a lower priority than the lease shop regions.

    The issue is simple, the region gets reset properly and the default schematic is pasted properly.
    The ShopChest "shop" is not removed, and the holograms also remain.
    The ShopChest plugin thinks there is still a shop there.

    We do use GriefPrevention, but not at spawn where our AreShop shops are located, and GriefPrevention is not involved at all here since we also do not use the setting where a placed chest creates a land claim. So, as I said, GriefPrevention is in no way involved.

    I thank you for the answer, but unfortunately that is not a solution that will affect the issue.

    I've seen a lot of google replied where this issue was reported, but I never see a solution for this problem.
    Hopefully the plugin author can help.

    Another issue I need help with...
    We need to know if there is a way to save the shops contents when someone's lease runs out other than naming the unrent event schematic to a single set name. The problem I see happening is when a player does not pay their rent, and their items are saved in the "unrented schematic" and does not return to the game before a SECOND player unrents the same shop -- as it is now, the unrent schematic is going to be overwritten.

    Is there a way to name the unrented schematic with something like the current date, or the player's UUID or something?
  2. Well that's a bummer :/

    I wish I knew how it just started magically working for me, If you need it I can PM you my configs for comparison.
  3. Is there a way to change messages?
  4. enterih


    When do you get an update with the newest build here? I know you have jenkins but it's a year ago since you get an update from the plugin here in spigot
  5. Great Plugin so far i only got 1 problem.
    I define the Region useing WorldEdit and Worldguard (region name is shop1)
    I enter as add rent shop1
    I put a sign OUTSIDE the shop which says:
    shop 1
    1 M

    In the tutorial of Koz4Christ it works that way but in my case it wont :(
    Can you please help me?!
  6. Do /as addsign shop1 while looking at the sign you place for that place to rent
  7. When player rent region to 10:54 it doesn't unrent when is 10:55.
  8. Do you mean that it is not unrenting people from their cell when their time is up?
  9. @codey371 I solve the problem. I download #207 version from jenkins.
  10. Is AreaShop compatible with Towny, Faction or sort of?
  11. @Kavinsky_EP Using schematic restore should work for now. Is this plugin the one you are using? If it is I might be able to create an integration with it to properly remove shops. If players can only create shops inside these AreaShop regions, and only can have one region, you could add the '/shop removeall %player%' command to the 'unrent' and 'sell' parts of the eventCommandProfile option. Let me know if you need more help with that.

    @IanCR Most likely the development builds of WorldGuard have fixed this issue, I did not test that yet though.

    @Marsaeus You could try the option with the '/shop removeall' command I mention above, if that works for you. Otherwise I will need to make an integration. If the schematic restore would remove the chests it would probably work, because ShopChest would know that the shop is invalid when the chest is gone.

    The name of the schematic can use all variables that are listed in the config.yml file, so you can add the date and playername to the file to save a backup.

    @codey371 Create a new file 'custom.yml' in the '/plugins/AreaShop/lang' folder, set the 'language' in config.yml to 'custom'. Now you can copy the messages from 'lang/EN.yml' to 'custom.yml' and edit them there (all missing messages are still taken from EN.yml, so you only need to copy the ones you want to change).

    @enterih My new years resolution is to finally release an official update of AreaShop :D
    I expect to at least release an update in the next two months, since I should be done with my study by then.

    @Aleksandar_J Because you already added the region to AreaShop, you need to use '[as]' on the first line of the sign, or just use '/as addsign <region>' while looking at it.

    @rzy4y You most likely changed the time identifiers in 'config.yml', which causes the unrental to break, this is indeed fixed in the development builds.

    @NiMain Factions works if you enable the WorldGuard integration setting, I don't know anything about Towny so I don't know if/how that works together.
  12. I don't get it... Once you rent the region, how does the initial shop part work? I didn't see any information about actually setting up shops.
  13. @NLThijs48 Actually, I did not want to use the shop removeall option, because some players have shop chests in their own bases, and I did not know if that option would remove ALL shop chests a player had created.
    So, I paid someone to make me a plugin addon that does two VERY important things...
    1. My addon grabs ALL items in the player's leased shop and stores them in a file for the player to claim when the shop enters the unrented state, and it does this before the shop schematic overwrites the shop region. Any player that has previously rented a shop, and had items left behind can them type a command and claim all those items without any staff interaction needed. I had hoped the unrented shops would have had some way to deal with this, as it is easily possible that a shop becomes available while a player is unable to login for a few days, and I saw no way that this plugin was dealing with the layers items left behind. So, short version.. my addon saves their items and they can claim them when they are next able to login in. There is even a message when the player logs in that they have shop items waiting to be claimed.
    2. Then the addon we created removes ALL shopchests, along with the holograms, since Area shop was unable to remove the shops and holograms when the region was overwritten by the unrented state schematic.

    Perhaps these things were just my not understanding how AreaShop should be setup, but since it was not handling the ShopChest plugin properly (or perhaps it is ShopChest not responding to the shop schematic restoration) but the fact is, AreaShop and ShopChest are not playing well together and that is why we wrote the addon... to fix both issues.

    Thank you, for the reply, regardless.
  14. @PixxyKilljoy AreaShop is only for selling/renting regions to players, what you do with the region after that is up to you. If you want the players to be able to make shops you can use plugins that let players sell items. For example the '[trade]' signs of Essentials, or other plugins that work with chests.

    @Marsaeus Good to hear you have found a solution using an addon. Some shop plugins work correctly if AreaShop simply removes the chests/items/etc from the region, but others do not handle that and need a special integration like you have made. I would like to integrate with a bunch of shop plugins in the future, so that this will work correctly immediately.

    Saving the items of the player is really nice, but that is something I will most likely never add to AreaShop. This depends too much on the used shop plugin, and will be hard to do correctly.
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  15. Been a while since I've used worldguard, forgot it didn't have any rent options, but that makes sense.

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  16. Actually, it was very easy to save player's items when they shop enters the end of lease. The player's items are saved into flatfile, and the player can type a command to claim those items at any time. Adding this to your plugin would be a huge improvement, but that is just my opinion. Also, I am not sure why ShopChest chests cannot be removed at the same time the shop schematic is restored, I have no idea. It was a frustrating issue to deal with, and I got lucky enough to meet a Dev willing to fix it for us.
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  17. can this areashop plugin use diamonds aka items as currency
  18. I played on one server for a long time there, the players were able to sell to rent their regions
    (Я авно играл на одном сервере там, игроки смогли продавать и сдавать в аренду свои регионы)
    I do not rent, sell, if you give the player the right areashop* it works but not as I wanted, and owned the money doesn't transfer. the latest version of the plugin is vault
    (у меня же не сдает, не продает, если дать игроку права areashop* то работает но не так как хотел, а имено деньги не перечисляет. версия плагина последняя ваульт стоит)
    the guides just as the regions are created using the define but do not give players the right to define
    (в гайдах вобще регионы создаются при помощи define но не давать же игрокам права на define)
    help me please
  19. rooms don't reset after rent ends? worked at one time, stopped cause of updates to worldguard and worldedit? or cause I'm on mc 1.12.2

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