Spigot Armor+ || Fairy, Yijiki, Phantom, Traveller, Yeti + More Custom Sets (HeadDatabase Support) 2.1.5

Create your own, custom armor sets like CosmicPVP!

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    nbdArmor || Create Custom Armor! (Like CosmicPVP) - Create your own customized armor sets that deal configurable damage!

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  2. Somewhat works, but I have great belief in the plugin. I am unable to use it so I cannot give any feedback other than the issue I'm trying to solve, permissions. (Some reason, even groups that have the '*' under their permissions can't use this specific permission, nbdarmor.admin)
  3. Oh weird, so you are unable to run commands at all?
  4. Actually, the problem was that every time I tried to use /givenbd it always gave the no permission message. But after trying to give myself the set, it seems like I did have permission. I suggest you to fix some of the messages though.
  5. Alright ill look into it, thanks for your report.
  6. GUI would be nice.

    doing (example: /ca give <player> <set number> <item (helmet)> <amount>) , does nothing if you dont tell use what the set number is or anything. config armor looks nice.
  7. @RockieGo Yeah the command is my bad, I need to update the page try the syntax: /ca give <player> <set number> <item(diamond_helmet or leather_helmet)> <amount> ill update the page now.
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    Fixed Potion Effects + Added /ca list Command

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  9. What are the dependency of the this plugin?
  10. @JakeIsGood currently there are no dependencies for the plugin.
  11. so than why on the page it says Install the dependencies and restart your server!
  12. Ah yes good point, I'll change that. Thanks for pointing it out to me, it was from the previous version.
  13. nbdSteve updated Carmor (Cosmic Armor) || Full recode of nbdArmor with a new update entry:

    Gui update

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  14. Just incase anyone was wondering, you do not need to make the armor in the config. All you need is the unique code
    Code (Text):
      unique: "&f&0&cHadrium Set"
    and then place the text as a lore on armor and the effect will still happen. Really nice for unique armor that's already made
  15. Can you add player head support please?

    Adding the unique line to a player head bugs it out. The effects works but if you take the head off, the potion effect stays and the 'activation' message never comes up
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