Spigot Armor Stand Adjustor [1.13 - 1.16] 1.5.5

Powerful and intuitive armor stand editor

  1. Is there any chance this will be updated to 1.17.1 anytime soon? I really need it for my server in an upcoming event and would rather not change plugins if i can help it
  2. This statement is still relevant. I am currently working on my bachelor's thesis and once this is done, I can work on an update.
  3. The most of the features works fine with 1.17.1 too, as I hear.
    Only the Amorstand Copy via GUI down't work - also with the right permission 'armorstandedit.copy'. I see the copy item in the GUI, but If I'm clicking, nothing is happening. I down't get an amorstand item with the copy-info.

    Tested with new config in plugin version 1.5.5 (PaperMC #259 1.17.1)