Spigot Armor Stand Adjustor [1.18] 1.6

Powerful and intuitive armor stand editor

  1. Hi, I definetely plan on supporting 1.16.
    However, before I update to 1.16, I have another Update in the pipeline for the existing versions. Once that is released, I can worry about updating to 1.16 and how to maintain backwards compatibility or whether to drop it again.
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    Attach commands to Armor Stands

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  3. Hi, I just tested the plugin in it's current version with 1.16 and it runs fine. If you run into any issues, please let me know. RGB colors are supported as well. The syntax to use an RGB Hex-color is as follows:
    Code (Text):
    &x&r&r&g&g&b&b text...
    For example, to get the hexadeciamal color #FF0000, use the following prefix for you chat:
    Code (Text):
  4. Hi,
    is there a way to prevent duping of items while the GUI is enabled?
    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Put an item into the hand of an armorstand without the GUI, just by clicking.
    2. A different player opens the equipment GUI.
    3. The first person takes the item from the armorstand (whithout the GUI, just by clicking).
    4. The second person takes it out of the GUI, it´s been duped.

    Thank you!
  5. Hi, thank you for bringin this to my attention. If this or any other exploits persist, please feel free to contact me again.
  6. Andre_601


    The Shift + Double rightclick doesn't seem to work. I try it but the properties menu doesn't open at all.

    Edit: It does work in pro-mode while not looking at the armor stand but doesn't in normal mode.
  7. Hi, as I'm unfortunately occupied the next few days, I'll take a look at it sometime next week. If this bug was introduced with the last update, you could resort to 1.5 if the exploit mentioned there does not affect you, i.e. if survival players cannot access this plugin and the equipment menu.
  8. Andre_601


    I can't tell if it was introduced in this particular version, as I just recently started using it.

    Also, does this plugin has support for newest PlotSquared as in to restrict editing of armor stands to plots you own only?
  9. Hi,

    yes, it should work with PlotSquared - in fact, it should work with any protection plugin.
    Before actually moving the armor stand, an event is thrown by the plugin with the armor stand at the location it is to be moved. If it has not been cancelled by any other plugin, the movement will be allowed, otherwise not.
    Interactions with armorstands are only allowed on plots one can build on - not on plot borders or streets, so it should be fine.

    I also found and fixed the issue with the double clicking.

  10. Andre_601


    Thanks... Sadly the issue still remains... I enabled editing using /aedit on, shift-right-click to enter edit mode and then double-right-click the armor stand with no effect.
    left-clicking it will drop an armor stand item which places it again with the previous settings and such, except for Equipment lock.

    Edit: Actually looking at it does it seem that there isn't any kind of equipment locking, which is a thing.
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  11. To open the menu, you have to shift-double-right-click.
  12. Andre_601


    Is it possible to have the option to (un)lock an Armor Stand's armor/equipment?
    Or was that for whatever removed from MC in newer versions? It was possible when using ArmorStand Editor, so I wonder if this plugin could have this too.
  13. When opening the properties menu there is nothing in the window. (Window surrounded with black panes - nothing else inside) Can I please get some hints as to what I am doing wrong? :)
  14. Andre_601


    Sounds like a bug, or perhaps it requires permission to see certain settings?
  15. Hi, it seems like there's another dupe going on:

    If a player puts an item in the gui and another player breaks the armorstand, the item is duped and can be taken out of the gui too. We just noticed this today ^^
  16. Hi, sorry for not replying for that long. I have been quite busy the last weeks. This won't change until february. What do you need this feature for? I can't imagine a use case for this right now.

    Hi, this should be fixed in 1.5.3, thanks for reporting.
    This is related to permissions. Please check the config for details on the permissions. The config is also commented, so it should be easy to figure out which permissions are to use.
  17. Nice interface design.

    But I can't replicate your instruction of the point "SHIFT * RIGHT: (in pro mode) cycle body part backwards". If I test it, regardless of the pro-mode I switch back to "Editing body".