Solved Armor Stand Rotation Rendering Bug? (1.12)

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  1. Hello, so I have recently been looking for some cosmetic stuff, and thought invisible armor stands with modelled items on them would be cool.
    So, I made a small plugin that summons an armor stand that rides the player, wearing a retextured diamond hoe.
    As from looking at these pictures, it works very well without any code modifying the armor stand.
    2018-05-29_17.39.10.png 2018-05-29_17.39.20.png

    The armor stand even stays oriented to the player's body (which is AMAZING due to body orientation being created client side.)
    However, when the player turns the entire 360 degrees, at some points, the armor stand doesn't stay oriented to the player.

    As seen here.

    Edit: New information:
    The direction that the armor stand is spawned in, determines where the armor stand won't orient to the player.
    The yaw of the armor stand (left and right orientation) is always the same, and you can't even change it with code (location.setYaw(x) ). Could there be some workaround such as a custom armor stand?
    Yet, when the player turns (if the armor stand is visible), it looks like the armor stand is turning with the player until it stops turning with the player, and this "bug" happens, and then it instantly rotates like 75 degrees to go from only what I can suppose to be the "minimum" and "maximum" rotation angles.

    I was wondering if there was any way to fix this? Also, could I somehow fix it without code running every second or removing the armor stand?
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  2. I had a similar problem when making a AS look at the player it would not let me update the Yaw.
    I fixed this my teleporting it just after spawning.
    Give it a try
  3. Thanks! I just teleported it to the same location except with the player's yaw and it works great!
    One thing to note is that you also have to add the armor stand as a passenger again because when its teleported, it dismounts.

    Marking as solved