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  1. Hello, I want to ask if there is any way how can I make clickable armor stand with plugin Amor stand Tools
    I saw in the comments that they will add this option but I can not see it in changelog. Maybe there is even better plugin :)
  2. @tavaksk keď potrebuješ niečo pomôcť, môžeš mi napísať, z radosťou. :)
  3. Hi :) so i was same problem with this but i solved really easly go with Armor stand commands reborn :) its works on my server like from box :) good luck :p
  4. But I wan armor stands like on this server It is Czech server so when you connect type "/register password password again" if you do not understand it :)
  5. Use this plugin and make executed by command..
  6. Or come check my server and you will see what i mean 1.8+ crack/premium
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  7. But how can I add command to armor stand??