Bukkit Armor Stand Tools 3.2.0

A full suite of armor stand manipulation tools

  1. St3venAU submitted a new resource:

    Armor Stand Tools - A full suite of armor stand manipulation tools

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  2. Absolutely brilliant plugin but can you please add protection on the armor stands? There getting robbed up here.
  3. No worries. I'll add this in the next version.
  4. St3venAU updated Armor Stand Tools with a new update entry:

    Added invulnerability and equipment lock tools

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  5. Sweet update bro! Works like a charm. I wanted the armor lock (what i meant) but just to let you know, invincible isnt working and they can still be broken by my alt when i enable it and then hit it :)

    Part from that, SWEET! :) lol

  6. ============

    Any chance you would be able to add a way to move the whole stand a bit Eisyer? I'm trying to most the whole thing and it just keeps going back. Maybe something so when you are looking at it and holding down the click, you can walk back and it will follow you in that direction rather then how you look at it?

    Small bug where it spawns the armorstand behind you and not at you.

    Other then that, this thing works like a freaking charm!
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  7. The invulnerability tool is working ok for me. Is the player that can break the Armor stand in creative mode? If so, that's why. Creative mode players can still break armor stands with the Invulnerable NBT tag. If it is able to be broken by a player in survival, make sure you are using the most up to date spigot/bukkit server jar. If none of that helps, let me know and Ill look into it more.

  8. Yea it was cause they were in creative :D!
  9. Can you add in the config an option to remove the ability for players to spawn a commandblock please as this could be a problem in the future.
  10. I will add in a permission for this.

    I have also been working on a new feature that will easily allow you to put the head of a specified player on an armor stand. I will post an update soon.
  11. Sounds great, thanks a lot!
  12. St3venAU updated Armor Stand Tools with a new update entry:

    Player Head Tool, More Permissions & Bug Fixes

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  13. Hello !

    Great job there ! I was wondering if you could add an option to "reset" the rotation of a certain member by, for example, left clicking the "left arm X" tool on the armour stand to reset the "left arm X" rotation to the default ? And of course for all other parts of the AS ?

    Awesome tool whatsoever. Keep going !
  14. How do you make it so it can hold items in both arm @St3venAU? I could only make it hold on one side.
  15. Very good plugin.
    Can you add an API so we can use functions like:
    if(armorStandId == 1) {
    Do some stuff

    And when we create a custom armor stand, we can assign an ID to it so we can use it in the API
  16. I may add something like that. For now, the easiest way to reset is to hold right click and move your cursor down to the armor stand's feet.

    Armor stands cant actually hold items in their left hand, but you can make it appear like they are by creating a 2nd invisible armor stand holding an item and position it carefully so it looks like the item is in the 1st armor stands left hand.

    Thanks for the suggestion. I may add an API at a later date.
  17. Not rly sure what Ive to say about this... Its pretty cool but also rly weird xD
  18. Hi :D
    Whilst using the gravity tool, my armor stand keeps sliding thru the floor.
    Is it a problem with your plugin or with my server?

    //edit: doesn't happen with default armor stands
  19. If you turn off gravity, the armor stand will fall to the bottom of the block its feet are in. (i.e. If you turn off gravity and move the armor stand down even 1 click, it will fall through the block.) This is just the way armor stands act.

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