Solved ArmorStand floating help

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  1. Basically I need some armor stands be flying and move to make an amination; I want to use velocity but I have gravity off and because of that velocity does not work.

    Can someone please help me to use velocity while having gravity off? I’m using 1.12.2 version thanks!
  2. there is no way to do it
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  3. At first disable the gravity. Then make a bukkit runnable and every x seconds you can compute the current position of the armorstand from your animation and then teleport the armorstand at that location.
  4. To make the animation look smooth, you have to run it every tick, or at least every second.
    Edit: every second TICK, as in every tenth of a second.
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  5. Yeah but there is no other simple way to do achieve an animation without gravity.
  6. Thanks I already solved it, I made it after reading the nms and some other threads; thank you.