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  1. Normally with spigot you can do something like this to create armor stands:
    Code (Java):
    ArmorStand as = (ArmorStand) location.getWorld().spawnEntity(location, EntityType.ARMOR_STAND);
    This doesn't work with bungeecord though and I was wondering if anyone knew how I could go about this. I am using bungeecord because I have a ranking system and I want to create holograms to display the player's rank.
    Thanks in advanced!
  2. Bungeecord is just a proxy to connect to your minecraft servers. If you are using some kind of bungee ranks you'll need some kind of a bridge from your bungee to your individual servers. If you are wanting to go that route I would personally just use SQL. If you need help setting that up feel free to message me. I check spigot at least twice a day.
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  3. Yeah that would be great, so wouldn't I make a spigot plugin that gets a user's level from a SLQ db, then display it along with another spigot plugin to store everything? How would I go about that?
  4. What you can do is eliminate that database and use plugin messaging channel. For example when the user sees that hologram send a request to the proxy for the top 10 ranks and on proxy side you send a response that you handle in spigot side.