Spigot ArmorStandTweak [Abandoned] 1.0b

Customize your ArmorStand

  1. connection_lost submitted a new resource:

    ArmorStandTweak - Customize your ArmorStand

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  2. What a fun looking plugin =D Why don't you create even more customizability by allowing people to configure if armor stands can be upside down or doing "dance" moves xD. If you could make these animated with like motions I bet this can even be a premium plugin.

    Or make it so you can make invisible armor stands for "ghost" armor.
  3. 1. How sad :(
    The thing is, I have no idea how to rotate the entire ArmorStand upside-down.

    2. I also have completely no idea how the rotation angle actually work. It may take me some time. I was trying to add some presets, but... Ugh too hard.

    3. Invisible armor stand? Try using /as invisible ?
  4. Ouu! This can be so good for a person who i know >.<
  5. looks cool xD