As of late I've noticed the amount of active 1.7/1.8 servers

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  1. Pretty sure it's because of loyalty to the old combat system. In fact several of my players have suggested I switch. Not back to 1.8 but I've seen plugins for this.

    I'm split. On the one hand I did find the new combat system disappointing when it came out, on the other hand, wouldn't it be easier to aura hack? The game-imposed delay is a natural deterrent. It would probably make Matrix trip, and it already does enough false positives as it is. How does all this work? Anyone running a 1.13+ server successfully with 1.8 combat?
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    If you've upgraded already, your world is incompatible with 1.8 unless you've made a backup from that version. However, if your players are insistent on the outdated combat, I strongly advise using a plugin to mimic former mechanics. They'll claim "it's not the same" but at least it may tide them over until the combat changes make their way into the game. There's no reason to be running a 4 year old version of the game and purposefully restrict yourself from receiving any official support or features from newer versions of the game just to appease professional complainers.
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  3. Naw man, this world is 1.13-1.15 so no way to roll back so far. Not that I'd want to anyway, not for this. I guess "not the same" is the best I can do for my peeps, I'm sure they'll understand. I'm just worried about aura hacking now lol

  4. I too have this dilemma. While, I do not have any complainers because I do not have any players, I will admit that I am split between attempting to implement 1.8 style PVP and just keeping the current type. My fear is that I will never gain a player base using the new combat system on my PVP node.
  5. I was thinking doing a test run and see how it goes, but I need to have a higher player count before I do that, otherwise god knows how long the test will run for. We're in the same boat lol, seems to me there are too many servers and not enough players nowadays. At least compared to 5-9 years ago when I ran my original server. Players used to pour. Guess everybody's playing Fortnite now.
  6. Hey, don't you worry about Fortnite. Last time I checked Goat Simulator was ranked more popular than Fortnite on the PlayStation store.
    Plus, sometimes gaining players is a matter of enticing them when they first join to keep them hooked.
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  7. I really gotta try out that game LOL. I always was a fan of goats. But yeah you're right, most of the time if a player joins and there's people online to chat and/or provide basic starting supplies, those tend to stay.
  8. It's not that everyone gave up on minecraft, but now days the community just spread out , there are more servers now than the past and it's not only that, mojang created minecraft for mobile phone, and for xbox thus splitting the community even more ...
  9. More lag and unwished pvp is little incentive to update, unfortunately.
  10. True true. I know I lost at least one player to Xbox. He asked me if my server worked on Xbox and that was the last I heard of him. I was happy when they started talking about all that Better Together stuff, but they'll never include our beloved Java edition. I mean how do you make plugins for a C++ game? Who's gonna make platform-specific versions of Bukkit or Spigot out of commentless assembly code? They'll have access to a wider player base, but they'll never match us in content. At the very least I think they should've made Bedrock clients protocol-compatible with Java servers. Considering it's the same game I personally would've started off with what was already established, such as the network protocol. Big brain, Microsoft, big brain.

  11. I've seen plugins that allow for Bedrock clients to connect to Java servers. To be completely honest, the language that the server backend is written in makes no difference on whether or not a client can join and play, it's just a matter of supporting the different features available.

    For example, while browsing GitHub the other day I came across a Minecraft Java edition server built on C++.

    To answer the question about how one would write a plugin for a C++ program, well there are a variety of options such as Lua or maybe C# which has a similar syntax to Java. All one would have to do is implement some form of interpreter for whatever language needs to be supported for plugins.
  12. I know am I kind of randomly tossing myself into this conversation, but does Bedrock even support plugins? I've heard complaints in the past from people that refused to use Bedrock because you couldn't make plugins for it. Perhaps that changed and I missed, but damn I would love it if there was cross-platform connectivity to bring more players in to all the communities.
  13. It's just so much better than having to time your attacks. People like the spam clicking for PVP, it's more fun, simple and requires more skill than strategy.