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  1. I'm planning to run a 1.17 survival server (1.16 if even after paper it still runs horribly) and I only have a budget of 20$ per month (survival server only, I already have a diff budget allocated for the rest.) I can optimize a server pretty well, and I was able to squeeze 30 players on a single thread on 1.16.

    I've checked numerous hosting websites, spigot & r/admincraft articles at this point and so far the most enticing one has been OVH cloud's Asia comfort plan here:, but I'm not sure since there aren't much reviews and info about it. It's recommended for minecraft but I won't take their word for it.

    I'm currently using a server hosting that gives a 4.9ghz i7-7700k thread with 6GB of ram for 16$/mo, and they've been an amazing experience so far, but I don't think it'll be enough since I'm striving for 50ish~ players on 1.16/1.17. Does anyone have any experience using OVH cloud or know any alternatives? I've hit an absolutely horrid stop at this point, and I've been trying my best researching for the past 9 hours now. Sucks a lot, since I've seen so many US/EU servers that have AMAZING deals that are actually trustable.

    I'm only using Bungeecord for verification, since this'll be an offline (cracked) server, and having to transfer all of the registered player's passwords to the Bungeecord once we've had enough room to add a secondary server will either be tough or impossible.

    I don't mind having either a VPS/shared/whatev as long as I get at least a somewhat equivalent of 1 core and it's in Asia. SG servers if possible, I've found that AU servers have around 150ms~ from my location.

    Thanks a lot everyone!
  2. Hey there,
    In my past experience OVH cloud is a great company and I would definately reccomend choosing them as a host,
    If your looking for a VPS with a $20 budget you can get some pretty good specs with their "Comfort" package aswell as hosting in their asia region:
    Asia-Pacific, Singapore, Singapore (SGP)
    Overall I believe it would be a smart choice to go with OVH cloud and can personally vouch for them through hosting servers in the past
  3. By any chance, do you have any reference, e.g. amount of players you were able to achieve with {version}? Thanks!
  4. The amount of players a server can support is dependent on a number of factors:
    • Amount and type of Plugins
    • Restrictions (e.g. mob caps in chunks etc)
    • Amount of worlds
    • Amount of entities
    • Server Version
    In theory you could set your player maximum number to whatever you want but it depends on those factors if your server can handle it,
    As for my server back when it existed it never went that far, I think we had 15-20 players on average and a ridiculous amount of plugins but OVH handled it very well and I think I went in with around a $20 monthly budget aswell,
    As a general fact though, if you have an average amount of plugins and a $20 monthly budget I dont necessarily think any host will very stably support 50ish players, you would need a slightly higher budget for that
    As always I may be wrong but I wish you the best of luck
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  5. My current server host can handle more with less so because of that I'm leaning towards going back if OVH is that ineffective for 20$. Does anyone have more testimonials or alternatives? I'm out of luck.

    Almost forgot to say, thank you so much. Seriously. It's great finally having outside input after reading walls and walls of text right after the other. Thanks, luv ya.
  6. Out of complete curiosity what host are you currently using
  7. I would give a ring. They seems to know their craps and seems to really cares about your needs. As I run a niche game called Minetest and even with that niche of a game they seems very helpful for the extense of that game will allows them to be.

    They are based off of Netherlands apparently so your pinage should be quite good actually. Also they will allocate 2 cores by default so they should checks out there too.

    Plus if I am not incorrect their Minecraft hosting starts from 10.99/month so you can chuck on additional GBs required (you should be able to rev up to 4GB if I am not mistaken within your budget).

    Worth every dan cent if you asks me!
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