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Is it going to be a useful plugin?

  1. Yes! Sure! Like it very much))

  2. Yes! It's a good idea.

  3. Well... yes)) Looks fine :/

  4. Strange, but might be useful for us one day...

  5. Bad! I don't like this idea :(

  6. Terrible! I hate this! I... I am a crocodile xD

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  1. ---------------------------
    Short description:

    Difficulty of the work: quite easy;
    Permissions: 1 required;
    Config: not required, but can be with all underlined positions;
    Description: User type /ask <question> and plugin sends the message to one (random choice, but no more then two messages (if you make a config file then this number can be customizable) to one admin if there are more then one admin ;)) person who has amh.answer. Admin can type: /answer <answer> (to answer a question) or /deny (to deny a question if its stupid). Admin has 5 minutes to answer.


    Thanks :):giggle::p:D:LOL::ROFLMAO:(y)!!!

  2. This isn't a section to request a plugin to be made.
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  3. Sorry, but anyway, can you help me? I really need this plugin for my server and I don't know where to post this thread :(
  4. Why not just use any ticket plugin that does exactly equivalent things, but better?
  5. Please, give an advice.
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  6. You can use a plugin to create a command alias for that.
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  7. Or, you could make it yourself.
  8. I can develop it for you when you able to pay for it.
    It's easy yeah, but it's my time ^^
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  9. Strahan


    OP, do you know how to program in Java and have you made Spigot plugins before?
  10. If you mean me, yes almost 4 years of java experience.
    This my plugins on spigot but im developing rather individual plugins
  11. I don't understand what you mean with "OP" or who is "OP"?
  12. Original Poster. In other words, the thread starter.
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  13. Praya


    Instead of send message to the staff, better to put the all question made by player in a book that can be clicked (tooltip).
    the question will be sorted based on time create, and auto removed after replied.
    and player can give review for the answer, and the point review will be calculated and stored to database

    - by using message, player need to wait until there a staff online
    - by using book with interactive tooltip, all question is more structured
    - the staff can choose to answer any question that he / she know the answer
    - with review and point system, the owner can know who is the most helpful staff