ASkyBlock HELP! (Deleting islands)

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by CrazyCroGamer, Apr 16, 2017.

  1. DUDE PLS. Im so desperate i own a network with 50-70 players daily with skyblock on it recently opened. And i tryed all and reseted it all everytime warps is unsafe and half of players islands gone, my players are going because 5 days in a row it resets after a restart, auto restart AND YES I GOT Vault latest ur plugin latest and -save all before RR PLS help im so desperate i just cant do it anymore. I cant even sleep half of night figuring it out i just cant do it anymore please help me :(
  2. Unfortunentally, issues like this frequently arise due to a conflicting plugin or your world is beginning to corrupt. The only way in which you can fix this is to incorporate an old backup of your server, which you should have.

    Also, see if your server is running in offline mode, as this plugin requires the usage of player UUID's.

    However, if you restart your server and share your console startup log, I'll look into the issue further.

  3. Yes it is running in offline mode, is that the problem?
  4. Yes, the plugin uses the UUID's of players in order to register islands. However, if you're in offline mode, it cannot get the UUID's of your players, thus leading to the issue of islands not being registered for players.
  5. what if i use bungee? i gotta use offline mode