ASkyBlock Island Border

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  1. HI so I've been working on this server(mostly as a hobby) and I've been wondering how I would go about make an island border for each island. I realize you cant really do this as you cant have a world border surrounding each island in the same world. I also want to make it so players cant move or build past the border. But I've seen plugins like this used on other servers and have been wondering how I would go about this? Any help would be appreciated! Thank You!

    Here is an example I found of what I'm looking for.

    Ive read up on this on some other forums and other posts and they suggested using these tools:

    Im pretty bad at coding and configuring these sort of things so if anyone could explain what I need to do to make this happen that be great. Thanks!!

    I also want to make it so people can expand there island borders and also have a default size say 100x100. Thanks!
  2. This works perfectly thanks for the link. Curious if threes a way to make players be able to expand the border?
  3. You have to use askyblock permission to do that read the permission that askyblock has
  4. Ok ya I think I found a way. Thanks for the help!