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  1. HI, so Ive been playing around with ASKYBLOCK plugin and found an add on it seems that will add in or change the gui of the deffault skyblock plugin. I install the correct plugins such as


    Once all installed nothing happens. Has anyone had this issue before?

    Heres a link to the actual plugin/sk file:
  2. Where did you put the addon (.sk) file?
  3. Man, are you sure that you put the .sk file in the skript folder?
  4. In the skript folder. But I don't think the actual plugin isn't working maybe I used the wrong version or something.
  5. Im Positive. I think maybe the plugin very and the spigot very I'm using are different so I'll have to downgrade.
  6. Very = version lol.
  7. Put it in the scripts folder in the Skript folder.
  8. I already have.
  9. Ok figured out the problem. I was running the wrong spigot version so I just downgraded from 1.12 to 1.8 and added in the ViaVersion plugin to allow players from updated versions to join. Skript runs now and so does the ASkyBlock Menu/GUI Skript.
  10. Please put this as solved, and If you cant figure out how to configure it, Use deluxemenus instead, It creates your own guis