ASkyBlock not compatable with PerWorldPlugins

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by TheUltraPixel, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. So I installed ASkyBlock for my server, then installed PerWorldPlugins to stop it from interfering with the rest of the server. I had already installed PlotSquared without it, as you can't really do much with it outside of creative. But then it said each plugin had an "unknown PluginClassLoader." I figured out PWP was the problem, but if I can't isolate plugins to certain worlds, it will become a massive problem and dark stain on the quality of the server fast. Does anyone know a way to fix it or any alternatives (don't say bungeecord, I can't afford that)
  2. You should make a separate server... PWP isn't a good solution for your network. PWP doesn't isolate a plugin to a certain worls, it can only stops commands if you aren't in the right world and it creates a lot of issues.
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  3. I can't use bungeecord because I can't afford it.
  4. In that case you cant afford having multiple gamemodes, it sounds bad, but having a per-world server with mutliple gamemodes its really hard.
  5. It's quite impossibile... And you can't make a good network with only one server. If you can't afford a bungeecord network, I suggest you to make a server with only one gamemode.
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