Bukkit ASkyGrid V5.0.1

A Skygrid Plugin!

  1. Request: I would love to have /asgadmin setspawn to make a spawn in skygrid similar to askyblock. This would allow us to have a sky block spawn so we can add shops and info for the world. :) Thanks!
  2. Bought this plugin some time ago and you stopped developing it.
    Sad to see.
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  3. I got like 5 plugins i bought that stopped like a little later without any notice just turn into removed. Or deleted.
  4. Issue with sawners resetting when players go near them.
  5. When a user types /asb they instantly die.

    Just installed Skyblock and Skygrid with pretty much vanilla settings. As soon as I enter Skygrid I die and get the message "Kiqkinas suffocated in a wall."

    I switched to Creative mode and can enter Skygrid however, I can not break any blocks.

    Does anyone know how to fix this or whats wrong.

    I set permissions but it still happens. Using spigot 1.12.2
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  6. The command is /asg, but I suspect you just wrote a typo. I can't see an issue right now on my end using the latest version of Spigot and Plugins (5): PermissionsEx, WorldEdit, Vault, ASkyGrid, Essentials
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  7. I had copied server.properties from the lobby server and the world size was set to a very small value. :\

    Next problem: When users type /asg I want them to always start from the same point (where I have a small island) and not random locations across the grid.

    I have these settings
    gridheight: 127
    spawnheight: 128

    spawncenter: 10000,10000
    distance: 8

    But it spawned me thousands of blocks from spawncenter. How do I fix that?

    BTW I have Essentialsspawn installed.
  8. Hello, author. Can I share your plugin to China? [www.mcbbs.net] I can help you translate the language into Chinese
  9. Sure would appreciate images and/or video of exactly what ASkygrid is and does. Description doesn't come close to explaining, at least for me. Thx.
  10. A quick YouTube search will show you what skygrid is, your f it’s multiplayer then there’s a good chance it’s this plugin. It’s very similar to skyblock but a different kind of challenge
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  11. Thanks. Of course, I know very well that YouTube might have an answer. But why would a developer not post basic info and images here at the resource itself? That's my point. Because I am a developer I can appreciate the effort that goes into creating any kind of software product. But to put in the development time and effort and then simply post the resulting plugin without (reasonable) explanation and make end-users have to go on an internet quest to find out what the author could've shared in a few lines of text and an image or two... is baffling. For all the many rules and standards that spigotmc.org (this resource site) has in place, one standard mysteriously missing is "You must explain your resource". Pretty basic. But not understood by a certain subset of developers. Just saying.
  12. To be honest, I find the front page description quite adequate, to coin a phrase 'it is what it is', there's nothing really that complex around it, and i suppose it does depend on having some familiarity with basic skyblock, but all the commands etc are there and the challenges.

    But basically, get to a start point, get to other blocks and mine them without dying and go from there :)
  13. Does it still work?
  14. Too bad there is no 1.12 support.
  15. Lol, at the plugin stands "Supported Versions: 1.8, 1.9, 1.10, 1.11, 1.12"
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  16. And yet you said it will work with 1.8. Therefore, I assumed it works only with 1.8. Plugins hasn't been updated in a while and there is no activity in this thread whatsoever.
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  17. I hope to be able to rename nether and end
    Instead of using ASkyGrid_nether and ASkyGrid_the_end
  18. Having issues with spawning.
    On initial spawn, all my players are spawning below the grid and on respawn they all appear in the same place.
    I don't have any other plugins that affect spawns and I've turned everything that affects spawning off in Multiverse
  19. You cannot. Those names are set by Minecraft server. Nether worlds are always _nether and End worlds are always _the_end. You can change the general world name though in the config.yml.