Spigot AssassinPlugin 2.1

A plugin inspired by Dream's video "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin"

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    AssassinPlugin - A plugin inspired by Dream's video "Minecraft Speedrunner VS Assassin"

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  2. How exactly does the /assassin command work? It has two variable entries.
  3. Might be stupid question, but what do I do with those permission lines?
  4. Do /assassin <assassin> <target>
    The assassin is the one hunting the target. If the target looks at the assassin, the assassin can't move. If the assassin punches the target, they die instantly and the assassin wins.
    For example: /assassin FunBandit29 LOK22 would make me the assassin and you the target
  5. You don't need to worry about the permissions if you haven't got a permissions manager plugin installed such as LuckPerms; simply op the player who needs to run the command, or run it from the console
  6. Good plugin.
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  7. Do you also have a Player tracker Compass like in Dreams video?
  8. Yes I do. The assassin gets one when the command is run.
  9. Probably, is there any in particular that you think I should do?
  10. Are you able to make the one where you can play as mobs?
  11. I don't know how to make a plugin like that, maybe see if there's a mod that lets you do that.
  12. Would this plugin work on a craftbukkit server?
  13. I believe that it should, let me know if it doesn't.
  14. it works perfectly fine thanks for the plugin :).
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    Large update!

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  16. Installed this plugin on 1.14 as recommended and tested. The /assassin command does not exist. Am I support to run some initializing permission command?
  17. Did you download the additional plugin:
    Required plugins:

    If so, can you copy the whole server log once it's loaded up a world and paste it here please if it still doesn't work.

    And you would only need to worry about permissions if you're not opped, or you have a permissions manager plugin installed. So just make sure that you're opped by running '/op <player name>' in the console.
  18. So I'm a little confused. I downloaded this and the /assassin add command works. However, there is no mode option or anything else. I do not know if I downloaded the required plugin incorrectly or not.
  19. same here