Assistance with Crates w/ Voting

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    I have been searching for the answer to this question: "How do I use Crates in Voting?". So far I have been unsuccessful in this research and I need some guidance from individuals who understand code etc. I am trying to use this plugin: "" with Votifer. For example, when a player votes on all four of our websites they would get a key to a specific chest. I understand that you need a middleman, a listener, for it to work. I have discovered "" , (as an alternative to GAL, which was discontinued). If I were to use this listener plugin, how would I integrate it with this crates plugin?
    I have attempted to use this listener, but I came across some issues that are possibly user error. So any advice or assistance would be welcomed!

    Thank you,

    Update: I had an affinity when I went to sleep last night and realized what I need to do to get this combination working. I will go ahead and attempt this project, but any feedback would still be welcomed!
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