1.15.2 Assistance with structures

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Development' started by JacksonHogan, Mar 3, 2020.

  1. I just recently started getting back into Minecraft and plugin development since I left at 1.10.
    I am working on something that I would normally use schematics for, but yesterday I was reading a bunch of resources that state schematics are outdated and to use structures for loading and pasting a 32x32 area.
    If someone could give me some resources on what structures are and examples, much appreciated.
  2. Are you talking about structure blocks?
    You can find plenty of examples on how to use them, on youtube. Though, afaik, they aren't really used by plugin developers and I am not sure if you can set what structure they paste through code but you can look at the Javadocs to see if that's possible.
  3. I found this github that I will look into
  4. Who told you that schematics are outdated and you shouldn't use them? Just because they were created awhile ago doesn't mean that they don't work well. The WorldEdit API is still getting frequently updated and I have used them in my newest plugin with no problems.
  5. I prefer to create plugins that don't depend on any other plugin.
  6. Same here I totally get that. However schematic is just a general term for a way to store structures and data, you can easily create your own schematics and not use the WorldEdit API at all.