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  1. Assossa's Custom PC Shop
    Budget friendly computers made to match your exact needs

    All computers will arrive pre-assembled with detailed instructions for setup. The following pre-designed computers are just examples. Although you can purchase them, I recommend contacting me with your exact needs and I will design a more specialized build for you.

    - Budget Gaming-
    Pentium G3258 - 8GB DDR3
    500GB HDD - GT 730 2GB

    - Budget Minecraft Gaming -
    i3 6100 - 8GB DDR4
    500GB HDD - 802.11ac WiFi

    - Casual Gaming -
    i3 6100 - 8GB DDR4
    1TB HDD - GTX 750 Ti 2GB
    802.11ac WiFi

    - Standard Gaming -
    i3 6100 - 8GB DDR4
    1TB Hybrid Drive - GTX 960 4GB

    - Hardcore Gaming -
    i5 6600 - 16GB DDR4
    2TB Hybrid Drive - GTX 970 4GB

    - Beast Gaming -
    i7 5820K - 32GB DDR4
    256GB SSD - 4TB Hybrid Drive
    GTX 1080 8GB - BluRay Player


    Builds do not include peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, or mice unless specified. Most builds will take me 2 days or less to assemble and ship, but it may take up to a month if parts arrive damaged. Builds will come with an unactivated version of Windows 10 Home, it is your decision if you want to activate it. You may not change your mind on the build or ask for a refund after I have purchased the parts. All builds are fully tested before shipment. I purchase insurance on all packages, so if your build arrives broken then you will have to deal with the shipping company, not me. The example builds will be tweaked regularly to ensure the most performance for the price. Full and up-to date example builds can be found here
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