Spigot Async Antibot and Whitelist 3.3

New idea to stop bot attacks!

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    Simple Antibot - A new idea to stop annoying bot attacks!

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    Full recode

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  3. "who really uses Direct Connect?"
    Everyone that doesn't want to add the server to their server list. If I'm just checking a server out, I don't really need to add it to my server list.

    Also, you need to wait for your Minecraft client to actually ping the server. If the server is at the bottom of the list, this will probably take some time.
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  4. Oh well, nothing I can really do about this because that is my entire method of detecting bots. Thanks for the feedback though, I'll look into other ways to defend servers without limiting their abilities sometime in the future.
  5. Hey, If this skript works using the "Direct connection blocker" method then I think it's bypassable, You can check DeathBot, You can enter bots and ping the server at the same time and they will join fast that skript or the server will crash.
  6. Hey, thanks for the feedback.
    Yeah it probably is, unfortunately I am no longer active with Skript/Minecraft. I might come back to it but if im being honest there are better options than this anyway :)
  7. You can test player's packets or by testing movements (Movement check isn't recommended.)