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Rejected async broken? build #724

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by John, Mar 23, 2013.

  1. ingame world switching i get an error message "error: Asynchronous player tracker clear!"

    console displayed this a few times

    edit: code was irrelevent.. found what that was.. but the world change bug is still there..
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  2. went through some downgrades, I went all the way to build #717 which fixed the issue.. its a bug with the async changes in build #718 conflicts with plugin variabletriggers world change, and player specific selections

    of course I could be wrong...?
  3. I tried #724, and VariableTriggers is also broken (but only for walk triggers that call commands from the console).

    Same as you, everything #718 and higher causes VT to randomly not work. All of my Event and Sign triggers work fine still, luckily.

    Unfortunately the VT developer is out until April or so. I wonder if there are any good alternatives.
  4. good thing april is right around the corner...
  5. md_5

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    This means that it is very likely VariableTriggers that has been the cause of all your server crashes.
    Why don't you get them to stop their plugin from crashing your server?
  6. I have tried talking to that dev about how he uses async. He completely refuses to fix it, says that it will add lag because more things will be on the main thread.
  7. shame.. this plugin is a major part of my server. :(
  8. md_5

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    Well might I then suggest you don't use plugins by incompetent developers :D
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  9. Oh my god did he really say that? I've been waiting for him to come back in april for ages now, assuming he would fix this. I use VT myself and it crashes so many times it's not funny anymore.

    What a joke...
  10. guess im stuck with #717, crashing & waiting till then =/
  11. I havent had any crashes with it until 1.5.1
  12. Trust me, it does with certain scripts. I can give you one now, a simple teleport script, which will crash your server 10 times a day guaranteed.
  13. msg me it :)
  14. Done

    md_5 Is it hard to change a plugin code to stop it from using async threads and use sync threads instead?
  15. I would assume it would be hard to do..
  16. md_5

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    Not hard at all
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  17. could you pm me with some info on how to do this ? :)
  18. Yes if it's not too much trouble send it to me too :D Thanks
  19. md_5

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    Just put all the method calls you need in a sync task - should only be needed for the chat event (only current async event)
  20. Doesn't the NoLagg Plugin fix these async/sync plugins??