Async Hit Direction (Making PvP Smoother/Removing Delayed Hits)

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  1. As you have know, there have been many posts about Async Hit Direction (, which is supposedly improve the combat in minecraft, and fix delay hits. There also was a resource called SmashHit ( that was made by @frash23, which is suppose to be Async Hit Direction, well, now as of 3/5/2017, SmashHit is no longer being updated, the download link is broken, and the link that @vemacs posted ( is also down. So I was just wondering? What now? I have been currently looking at this resource. And wondering is it like Async Hit Direction? Is there anyone that has a download to SmashHit or some Async Hit Direction PvP plugin? That can improve delay hits?
  2. Easy, I can probably update it. Will do when I get the time.
    Had no idea that something like this existed, so thanks!
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  3. PLEASE DO!!! That would be amazing! :D
  4. Done! Was very easy. Works great for the few minutes I tested it. I will have a test server open for about an hour more, here's the IP so you can come try it out: Uploading plugin now.

    Don't forget that the plugin also requires ProtocolLib to work! Enjoy! :D
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  5. One question, can you edit the plugin's messenges?
  6. I can, what would you like me to change?
  7. When you do /smashhit, any /smashhit command, it says bSmashhit, it says a Small B, can you remove the b? Also, when you do /smashhit help, it says do /bss, change it to /smashhit, thank you! You have been very helpful! :D
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  8. Alright, thanks! I'll surely do it. I might try making it version independant as well. If you have any other ideas for how I could improve it, let me know!
  9. Can you submit your code to GitHub?

    Maybe you could also submit a pull request so @frash23 can accept it ;)

    EDIT: frash is inactive since December 2016... I hope he is well :(

    You aren't missing anything, that link only had some images showing the difference between vanilla and the async hit detection.
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  10. Yeah, I'll surely do that once I'm done making the changes!
  11. Now that I have seen... @frash23 is inactive since December 2016 (in Spigot and GitHub)... I hope he is well :(
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  12. Yeah, doubt he's gonna accept the pull request. But hey, you never know. I got someone to reply to something I tweeted at him after over a year of being inactive!
  13. It says:
    Error 521 Ray ID: 33eafc529ff65e76 • 2017-03-13 00:48:05 UTC
    Web server is down
  14. I know it is down, but I did see that thread before it was down, and the only thing that it had was some pictures and a post explaining what was async hit detection.
  15. Wow, this is very interesting. I'd interested in how this affects performance, any thoughts?

    Also a git for this would be awesome.
  16. Detecting hits async has only one advantage: If the server is laggy, hits won't be affected by that. (so you can continue PvPing even if the server is laggy as fuck)
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