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Fastest World Manager with minimal server load.

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    WorldManager - Fastest World Manager with minimal server load.

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  2. Is there api?
  3. At the moment there is not a "real" API you can use. You can only use 1 Event and the WorldCreation.

    Write me here if you have a suggestion for something.

  4. Excited to use this plugin in 1.13. I hope you will update it once FAWE updates. Also, looking to see bungeecord support and heavy control support, take a look at multiverse. Their /mvm command is very power-user and I love it. If you can get me an update for 1.13 with these features, I'd love to give you a donation, and some publicity. Minecraft Servers need a better Multi-World controller, Multiverse was the best but we need better. Please be sure to contact the developer of FAWE, Jessie, for any support you need. Bungeecord needs serious optimization on world-handling as some players may not be able to send enough keepalive packets while downloading the world, so I'd appreciate some time to check that. Thanks.
  5. I will work on that, but severel events could be listened with WorldGuard, like the PvP or HungerControl, too. I have to say that I never used them on my own server :unsure:.
    I will stay in contact with the FAWE developer team (You can test with the newest FAWE and WorldEdit dev version but at the moment it doesn't work). A problem is still that the AsyncWorld is not fully included into their API (as they wrote in my issue).

    I couldn't find a problem with the keepalive packets in an async loaded world. Normaly this happens if you use ProtocolSupport, a VPN or something like that. (But I don't know sh*t about the minecraft pakets)
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  6. What shall I integrate with the WorldGuard API?

    For example you do mean something like this Configoptions for each world in the worlds.yml?
  7. I will implement the gamerules and some other world settings into the worldcreation/loading. Here is the File for these settings.
    If you want more settings please write me on github.
  8. Hi,

    In plugin config:
    autoload: false
    Its always switch back to false. I try to set it to true during Server stop and with command (wm modify)
    Can you have a look? :)
  9. For witch world do want to use the autoload feature? The servers default world [server.properties(level-name='worldname')] can't be loaded from my plugin yet.
  10. Not for an Default Server world. I generate a world for farming and like to autoload it after Restart.
  11. @Imothep80
    I'm sorry for the late response. I am rewriting the config handeling for the worlds. so I hope this will be fixxed with the next release. For now you could use this build: http://gamestrike.de:8081/view/all/job/AsyncWorldManager/174/
    !You will need to recreate your worldconfigurations because the worlds.yml will not longer work!
    It does not fully support the "/wm modify" and "/wm info" command fully but for simple world loading / creating it should work.
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  12. @_xXSchrandXx_
    Thx. Take the time you need. Tell me if you need someone to test the prerelase.