Spigot AsyncWorldEdit - Boss Bar 1.1.2

A simple, customisable BossBar plugin for AsyncWorldEdit

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    AsyncWorldEdit - Boss Bar - A simple, customisable BossBar plugin for AsyncWorldEdit

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  2. Great plugin for AsyncWorldEdit with the loss of BarAPI. My one question however is whether it is possible to have this give you the percentage of the total blocks needing placed within a players jobs. I'm having an issue with it where it only shows the current queue which is usually placed in a fraction of a second so the bar basically just flickers at the top of the screen unless I change both settings in the ASyncWorldEdit renderer config to -1. Even then however, the bar just keeps resetting back to 0 as the queues place and refill.
  3. I'm simply using the percentage number given to me by AsyncWordEdit, I'll see what I can do in terms of accessing the players' queue and trying to make a percentage out of that
  4. That would be awesome of you. I know that is how BarAPI originally worked though I don't know what SBPrime has changed over the years. To give you a better explaination of what I'm asking:
    Let's say I choose to run "//sphere minecraft:dirt 100". That's a little over 4 million blocks. The way it works now, the plugin is displaying the percentage of each asynchronous queued block placement which with the default config is only around 4000 blocks per queue so the bar is only ever showing up for .01 - .04 secs at a time.

    I'm not a java programmer (I'm a VBS guy) but I would think there would be a variable in AWE that stores that entire 4 million blocks to be placed total and your plugin could use some math to subtract each queue from that total, giving you a total job % as the blocks place rather than a queue % for each block render. This would be an amazing add-in with that functionality, able to then also give you a total time remaining for an entire schematic or large operation.
  5. Still got this error
  6. The multiple bars is because of the error. it shouldn't be able to happen but I have set up a clamping system to stop it from happening. Pushing out an update soon.
  7. using WE 7.2.0 Beta 2 for 1.16.1, AWE 3.7.5 and AWEBB 1.1.1, a progress bar for undos doesn't seem to show up

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  8. Using WE 7.2.0 beta 5, AWE 3.8.0 and AWEBB 1.1.1 on Paper (fork) 1.16.3
    The boss bar works for a while. Then when the player reconnects and come back later, it doesn't work anymore.
    AWE still works fine, but the bossbar doesn't show up anymore.
    No clue on the console, no errors, nothing.
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  9. Could you please add the support of FAWE?
    It will be good since i start to use it with fawe.xd
  10. I can try, but it is a completely different plugin under the hood so I don't know how well it will go.
  11. I've been in touch with the developers of FAWE, unfortunately the API do to this doesn't exist in the latest version of FAWE
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