Spigot AtomicDeathHeads (Player Head Shop System) + API 3.1

Set prices for selling a players head, Customizable player head shop, Player Head drop on death, etc

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    AtomicDeathHeads - Sell player heads, and even make some player heads worth more than others.

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  2. Could you make it so the price of everyhead is different, like based on their rank or balance?
  3. I will see if i can add this feature :)
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  4. Could you maybe add in the config where you can change the head price to be a percentage of their money? Like if someone had one million he's head would go for 300k or something like that
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    Completed API

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  6. Hi, i was on this ausie server and they use your plugin, it is fun, but it is not fun when i read in the description that /sell hand.... sells all heads in your hand. It gave me 4 times 0, which i was not happy about. Maybe a better sign explanation would be handy and in case i made a mistake, reverse the sell option??? maybe a good idea?

    Anything other than that, a very nice plugin that makes you realize you need to empty your inventory more than often...
    Keep going!
  7. Hi, again, would it be nice to connect the sign to a protected chest, which can be opened, and filled with heads, and when closing the process of selling the heads inside starts???
    This way we can sell a whole bunch at the same time.....
  8. been using this with MC1.11.2 for long time without problems.
    Would like to move this to MC1.12 can you update please