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  1. I'm not sure if this would work or not, but what about adding a sub-section to the Spigot Plugin Development parent section for just peer review requests, or possibly adding a "Peer Review" title tag? I can already foresee the forum getting cluttered with questions, peer review requests, guides, etc. Just an idea to keep things more uniform. @jflory7
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    I really think the above explanation clarifies best. I mean, for short explanations inside the code, a comment could be useful, but I like the idea of writing paragraphs to accompany code as well. That kind of writing will prevent a user from doing a quick copy + paste.

    You're right — convention is a huge part. That article you linked is on the older side, and it could probably use some updating.

    If people are really so exciting to do this (which is awesome!!), I think it's a possibility! We'll see. :)

    For now, though, I think some of the wiki team members (who are more experienced in this than me) should comment on general formatting and syntactical things, for clarification purposes. I think some of the people who might be able to say the most are @brajo, @Tux, and @joshwenke just because I see them the most. However, any of the other wiki team is more than welcome to respond and comment on this!!
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  3. So oracles conventions?

    What about the example package and classes.
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    That's probably more of a question for the rest of the Wiki Team — they are more apt to answer than myself.
  5. Tux


    We should use Oracle style. I think we should stick with partial snippets instead of full classes, but if we need to use a package name, I think should work.
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  6. Would you two mind if I made a tutorial-like post for this new forum? I could write down all the information and much more if needed, and it generally would keep users up to date with the format, the conventions and much more.
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    I personally don't think that's needed as we will just be following Oracles conventions which are already clearly defined, and any severe problems with the code would be resolved by this:

    Because it's a wiki, if anything that gets posted is unclear then someone can just edit it so it makes more sense.
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    I think this is probably all that is needed.
  9. Although I agree with this, I thought that a nice guideline to introduce new-ish members would be great.

    Not only this, but it should make it a lot more easy, for everyone to follow the correct structure, and let less accidents happen.

    Okay, no problem then! But if it's ever need, you know which spigoteer to call ;).
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    I'm all up for Oracle style snippets. As long as Wiki is easy to follow is the main thing.
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  11. Can't wait to see everyones new snippets up on the forum!

    This will definitely be a great addition to the community!
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  12. Sweet, perhaps someone can put a contribution for using MySQL in plugins. I'll put my own contribution up soon
  13. "Just make sure to explore and toy around with what you can. :)" That sounds wrong :D
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    Awesome, can't wait to see it! :)
  15. Yeah, I guess it does hahahaha Any better suggestion? xD
  16. Simply delete this sentence :D Or use sth like "Have fun exploring new functions of MySQL and see how far they get you"
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  17. Great idea. I hope to contribute to it in the future
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