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  1. What is currently the best Auction plugin? (Little bugs, no glitches/dupes, Nice GUI)
  2. Google tells me either Auctions or Crazy Auctions. I'd say try them out, see which one you like more.

  3. MrDienns is right but that depends on how you want it, Auctions works with a GUI while Crazy Auctions allows the players to do bids , highest bid wins ( Not sure if this is 100% right ) I'm not at home to check the resources out. I think one with the GUI is a premium resource.
  4. Pretty sure that's how auctions work yes. You set a base price, and a minimum bid and the highest bid wins. Maybe Auctions simply has this implemented in a GUI.
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    This is the one with the GUI called Auction House ( This is currently the most used one ) then there is CrazyAuctions the one that works by making auctions in the chat ( one auction at a time )
  6. I would recommend CrazyAuctions
  7. Indeed. There's nothing wrong with giving a little more info to share an idea how to use an auction plugin if the OP hadn't considered it.
  8. True , I'm just informing that you don't need that one specific plugin to use NPC commands.
  9. That's the one that I use, in 1.12.2 I currently have no issues with this.
  10. the moment when u still use 1.8 and aren't going to change the version :eek:
  11. bump need help
    por favor
  12. Sorry, I simply don't know the answer to your question to the other guy, I therefor didn't reply back anymore.
  13. Would definitely add Crazy Auctions

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