Premium Auctioneer : Auction House Plugin [Paid]

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    Auctioneer : Market Plugin - Auctioneer adds an integrated economy for players, an Auction House.

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  2. Looks cool. I suggest adding a video for it though to show how it works more <3
    I would get this if I could afford it xD
  3. Can this be setup so you have to use an npc and can't use the command to open the ah?
  4. Add 1.8 support :D
  5. Compatibility with 1.8 has been added in version 1.1 :)
  6. Looks like a great plugin!
  7. Thanks !
  8. Love the plugin!
    Bt any chance you could add a permission of how many items a player can have up for sale?
  9. Hey, thank you for buying the plugin, this permission is already supported by the plugin, I just forgot to add it to the plugin page.

    The permission is :


    Replace X by the maximum amount of listings possible
  10. Thanks, exactly what we where looking for :)
  11. Hey again, We got a request for you as a feature.
    Some trolls from tile to time comes in to the server and puts up dirt blocks for millions.
    Possible to add for admins a way to cancel an auction?
  12. Is there a way to customize how the auction house looks? Like make it so there is no categories?
  13. You can remove the categories in the config files (defaultToAllItemsInsteadOfCategories: true).

    And change the background color/item in the config file, if you have customization suggestions don't hesitate to tell me
    (backgroundMaterial: STAINED_GLASS_PANE
    backgroundMaterialMetadata: 7)
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    Added Admin Mode, fixed a few things

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  15. The latest update (1.2) adds a new Admin Mode which should cover your needs.
    You can get more informations about this new Admin Mode on this page : click here
  16. A suggestion can you add MySQL database ?