AuctionHouse : maxSellPrice:

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by Tebl, May 19, 2016.


    Hello! I'd like to talk about AH's "maxSellPrice"

    I run an OP Prison server which means that prices are fairly high... The max in the config is

    Code (Text):
      maxSellPrice: 999999999
    But, even that is too much. In-game, typing /ah sell 999999999, it says, "The max sell price is 999999999,"
    So, something is messing up with the prices.

    Either way, I just want something that will have an infinite limit, because I want to get up to the billions, trillions or quadrillions, possibly a plugin that edits it so it can be any amount.

    Thanks in advance!