Spigot AuctionHouse 2.1-rc6

An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.2+ with a familiar interface.

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    AuctionHouse - An AuctionHouse plugin for 1.13.x with a familiar interface

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  2. It would be nice to see a permission for the maximum amount of items a player can list. Maybe auctionhouse.list.(number).
  3. It's not handled as a permission node but as a PlayerInfo option value.

    Currently, if you have a Chat provider with Vault (for example Vault + PermissionsEx), then you can set an option value for a player's group called "auctions" with a value that will be used, otherwise the default value from the config will be used. The plugin calls the getPlayerInfoInteger method from the chat provider to get the value of the option "auctions".

    The command would be like something like "/pex group <group> set auctions 20" to setup a group with a value, then all players in the group will get that value. Or you could do '/pex user <user> set auctions 20" to set for a specific user.

    Although, using a straight permission like you mention, would be more flexible for other permissions managers, unfortunately it's not the correct way to implement storage of per player values, since that's not how permissions are designed to work.

    Separately force expire should already be a feature, just need to go into Current Listings and cancel an item.
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  4. Not sure if it works with LuckPerms, but might with "/lp group <group> meta set auctions <value>" and "/lp user <user> meta set auctions <value>" commands
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  5. Yeah, I use LuckPerms (good stuff, been using it almost since it released, you should use it too :p). I'll take a look at whether that's possible, and I understand permissions aren't the best way to implement it, but many people are used to the alternative.
  6. Separate permissions to buy and sell would be great, otherwise is the source available on github?
  7. Would there be a case where you would want to be able to sell and not buy? If not then should be permission to use /ah and permission to sell on /ah.
  8. Well I want to allow everyone to buy, and less amount of people to sell.
  9. I tested with LuckPerms, seems to work. Need to create the option with one of the two commands:
    Code (Text):
    /lp user <user> meta set auctions <value>
    /lp group <group> meta  set auctions <value>
  10. Would it be possible to add option to use separate database storage for the plugin? I would also like to see the tax % option the old one offered. It would also be nice to have language settings but overall amazing work!

    Edit: Found out that you can list a empty hand and this causes the plugin to stop working properly and most likely causes damage to the database.
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  11. [​IMG] I don't know what caused it. I use Google translate
    The shelf item chat bar shows: You cannot list more than -1 items at a time
  12. Noptia, are you using the latest 1.0.1 version? Also, what are you using for Permissions plugin?
  13. Kureen, yeh, selling air is probably not good. I'll post an update.
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  14. I got a small issue.
    When I put "preventCreative" to false, it still doesn't let me get items from creative and it doesn't let me list them either.
    And mind adding a "/ah reload" command? :)

    Nice plugin though
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    Data file bug fixes for Air

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  16. Hey all, please grab the 1.0.3 version that remedies the NPEs that are occuring if you tried "selling" air. The 1.0.2 prevented the selling of air, but 1.0.3 will clean up the data file on load so it doesn't cause any NPEs (of course those are fixed too). o_O
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  17. I'll consider to add /ah reload as well in next release.
  18. I was not able to reproduce this condition. What permissions plugin are you using?