Spigot AuctionHouse 2.0.8

An AuctionHouse plugin with a familiar interface.

  1. Hello one problem, items with soulbound can be sold and the soulbound is given to the buyer how can i prevent that ?
  2. Well you need to know what is being written into the item's lore or nbt when the item has soulbound, since there are several plugins that do soulbound. AuctionHouse has the ability to blacklist items, including items based on lore, enchants, and some flags like unbreakable. What plugin are you using for soulbound?
  3. What are the update plans for 1.15? No rush ofc.
  4. 1.15, yay thanks for the hardd wooorrrrkkk!!!
  5. klugemonkey updated AuctionHouse with a new update entry:

    Bug Fix for Permissions

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  6. will you add mysql ?
  7. Its not an option to add mysql based on how the plugin works. It keeps everything in memory in order to provide the proper searching and sorting capability and writes to storage in a separate thread. There would be no benefit to having SQL backend because you 1) could not assume that changing back end would update in-memory, and 2) it would not work in a multi-server situation because that is not supported. Other than that it's additional overhead for storage that only gets loaded at startup.
  8. Hi o/

    Nice plugin thanks for awesome work !

    The command /ah is accessible without permission, i need remove the access of command /ah to force players to use the AH PNJ !

    Thank you
  9. I don't know what you mean by AH PNJ. Permissions for the ah command is auctionhouse.use, if you want to completely disabled for a user.
  10. AH PNJ / NPC ! sorry PNJ is for french :p is one NPC create with Citizen named "Auction House" right click on this for use the Auction House

    i want disable /ah command for let players use only Auction House NPC

    Sorry for my inglish ^^
  11. Yes, i think you want to negate the auctionhouse.use permission.
  12. Yes its ok, i added this permission with false with LuckPerms ! im noob ^^ Thank you
  13. Hi man, how te setup de multi world in the config? I want to make like 2 separated actionhouse, one for my survival worlds and other for my skyblocks worlds, there is the possibility to make this?? On spigot, no bungee. Thanks!
  14. AuctionHouse doesn't support multi-server, so the worlds must be on the same Spigot instance to share listings. That being said, you would just set the multiworld: true in the config.yml if you want individual listings per world. Also, if you set groupWorlds: true, then it will group the worlds together that begin with the same name (i.e. world, world_nether, world_the_end) even if in multi-world mode. Make sure to add any worlds you do not want AH to be available in, into the disabled-worlds section.
  15. What does the test period represent? What did you do for the duration of the testing? Was the GUI open all the time?
  16. It just ran on a live server. Hard to say what they did, but AuctionHouse is always quite high in my timings. If you need me to do something in particular, please let me know. I'll test your beta in a few hours!
  17. I didn't test with Paper. Paper uses v2 timings which IMHO is not better than v1. I ran a profiler on the code and tried to see what I could optimize. But I think the plugin is going to use a lot of cpu regardless since it's doing quite a bit.